Small Box

Small Box

12-15 lbs
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More people are becoming aware that the quality of the food we eat can have a huge impact on our longterm health. We have designed an affordable, stress-free way of providing you with healthy, local, convenient meat that is raised with integrity and care.

What is a Meat CSA?  "CSA" stands for Community-Supported Agriculture.  Small farms like ours don't thrive on volume, instead we strive for quality— both in the life of the animals, and the meat.  It is also of outmost importance to us to be good stewards of the land.

We are proud to raise pastured animals who are fed regionally grown and milled grain, which is GMO-free.  By purchasing a share of our Meat CSA, you are helping us to improve infrastructure on the farm, improve the quality of our livestock, and continue to build and maintain rotational pastures for the betterment of our animals' and soil health.  All that, plus delicious, naturally-raised meat for your family!

Not sure what size is right for you? 

* The small share is great for one or two people, but might not be big enough if you have a family.  Small (12-15 lbs)

*The medium share is a nice size if you want a wider selection of meats, enjoy moderate but regular addition of meat to your meals, or if you have a family.  Medium (18-23 lbs)

*The large box is perfect if you want a bigger selection of meats each month, for households of any size. Large (28-32 lbs)