Garden starter tray bundle

Garden starter tray bundle

1 full tray of 12 (6 packs)
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 Are you confused on what to plant in your garden right now?

Skip the Guessing game of what you should plant right now and let us do it for you. This is a full tray of 12 (6 packs) with the perfect mix of everything for your garden. These plants are hardened off and ready to go into your garden beds.  All plants are grown using organic methods.

Head lettuce 2

Cauliflower 1

Basil 1 

Swiss chard 1

Fennel 1

Beets 1

Curly Kale 1

Lacinato Kale 1

Green Cabbage 1

Red cabbage 1

Broccoli 1

$60 comes with :

12 (6packs) full tray

1 Quart of our organic seaweed extract

Planting guide.  

We only have 30 of these trays available.

Now is the time to plant these crops before the weather gets too hot.