4x4 Cedar Garden Bed

4x4 Cedar Garden Bed

1 4x4x18 Cedar Garden Bed

This is a handcrafted Thick Cut Red Eastern Cedar raised garden bed. These are built to last in our Florida weather. Built with true 1x6 inch thick boards as well as true 4x4 post corners. Stainless steel screws all the way around.

This bed is 18 inches in height which is the perfect depth for your vegetable plants roots.

Cedar is a softwood with a rich, warm reddish hue and fragrant aroma. In its natural state, it resists rot, moisture and pests. It is highly durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance. Best of all beds are Chemical and stain free and the wood is in it's natural state.

This makes a great Herb garden or flower bed. You can also mix and grow vegetables as well.

Garden beds have a 3 to 6 week lead time.